Quran Dawnload


From here you can download screen sharing and audio chat software which will help you taking your online Quran classes with your teacher.
Skype is the tool for audio calling, video calling and text chatting. While Mikogo is the tool which can be used for computer screen sharing so that you can view your Qari or Teacher’s computer screen having Quran-e-Pak on it.

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 Part 1 Part 11 Part 21
 Part 2 Part 12 Part 22
 Part 3 Part 13 Part 23
 Part 4 Part 14 Part 24
 Part 5 Part 15 Part 25
 Part 6 Part 16 Part 26
 Part 7 Part 17 Part 27
 Part 8 Part 18 Part 28
 Part 9 Part 19 Part 29
 Part 10 Part 20 Part 30

* These files are in PDF format. You should have install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Click Here to Download