Following are the two major programs we are proud to offer and we ensure the high quality of lessons in these programs.
Quran Reading
Online Quran Reading icon Quran Reading is a basic course in which kids learn to recite Holy Quran. A basic tajweed course is given to them before starting the Holy Quran. To start a free trial of Quran reading course please Register yourself.
Tajweed Course
Tajweed icon Tajweed enables one to pronounce arabic alphabets and ayahs correctly. Tajweed course has been basically designed for those who have already read holy quran many times but have a problem in pronouncing letters correctly. Please Register yourself to have a trial of Tajweed lessons.

Other Courses

1. Memorization of Holy Quran
2. Translation of Holy Quran with Tafseer
3. Islamic stuff (Kalama,Ahadith,Dua's,Salat/Prayer)
4. Arabic Language Course and grammar
5. Urdu Language Course(speaking,reading and writing)
6.English Language Course(According to your school syllabus)
7. Mathematics(According to your school syllabus)