In recent days people had a way with words. Communication was easy, convenient and cheaper. But with great developments taking place around us, the modes of communications have undergone a significant transformation. This change has been evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Online education is one concept that in the last few years has grown by leaps and bounds now becoming a necessity providing education at home through long distances.
Online Quran learning is one such phenomenon that has been steadily increasing and expending over the past few years allowing our Muslim brothers and sisters to learn and read Quran the right way in their homes. For Muslims living in the west where Islamic education on traditional campuses is still not easy to get, online education is a viable and attractive option.
QTV Online (Holy Quran) Tutor is an online Quran teaching, giving a chance to learn and read Quran at home under the expertise of qualified Qur’aa where they deliver daily lessons during live sessions. We’ll teach you how to read the Arabic script and articulate the Quran. By the end of these sessions, you will be able to open and read any Vowel’s Arabic text, as well apply basic tajwid rules to both the Quran and standard Arabic texts making it possible for you to recite Quran properly.
Currently we are providing our services for across Australia, UK, UAE, Asia, Europe, USA and Canada.
Alhamdulillah our services are for all, even non-Muslims are welcome if they want to learn Quran. The purpose is to spread awareness and understanding about the right way to recite the word of Allah subhana wa ta’ala which is the Holy Quran, it’s both our obligation and responsibility